Peaceful Fruits



Going behind the scenes in the spring

Hey there Peaceful Snackers! Happy springtime!


We’ve been busy as bees, hard at work, fulfilling Shark Tank orders (we’re almost halfway there!) while also putting the finishing touches on our new look and new flavors in preparation for rollout soon!  We are growing fast and taking care to grow right! Momentum is on our side and we want to share with you the stories of some of the people (besides you!!) who make our fruit snacks possible!

Introducing (part of) our Blick Center Shipping team!

Bonus picture of Evan!  

Bonus picture of Evan!  

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Thanks for taking some time to meet part of our shipping team. Stay tuned to read more behind the scenes and hear about what we’re up to.

Happy snacking out there!

~the team at Peaceful Fruits

Keila Hamed