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More Behind The Scenes: How we make our snacks!

Hey there Peaceful Snackers! As we’ve been rolling out stacks of snacks, we thought you might like to see how we make our snacks in the first place. Read on to learn about our sweet and simple process!

hattie larlhams peaceful fruits white board how we make our snacks

Now we’re ready to begin!

Our snacks start their lives out as pureed fruit (fruit blended until smooth) at Hattie Larlham. We use organic and whole fruits only, so you get all the fiber, flavor, and other healthy stuff that comes from Mother Nature.

We mix the different fruits, like acai and apple, together, to create our one-of-a-kind flavors . . .

apple organic puree peaceful fruits how we make our snacks
acai puree peaceful fruits organic how we make our snacks

. . . and then pour the delicious puree mixture onto a tray!    

pour puree in tray peaceful fruits how we make our snacks

One by one, each liquid filled tray is stacked up so that we can move them into the drying room. We then place them into our dehydrators, where they’ll slow-dry overnight.

dehydrators, peaceful fruits, how we make our snacks

After that, each sheet is taken out, individually checked, and then sliced into snack size!

Check out that rolling action! 

Check out that rolling action! 

slices peaceful fruits leather how we make our snacks

Now that the snacks are made and cut, it’s time to put them in their recyclable packaging. This fancy machine seals the snacks up so they stay fresh and nothing can get in.

seal peaceful fruits fresh how we make our snacks leather recycle wrapper
hole punch recycle wrapper peaceful fruits snacks how we make our

Once they are checked and sealed, the snacks are whisked away to The Blick Center to prepare for shipping.

boxes of snacks for shipping blick center how we make our peaceful fruits

And there you have it! Just real fruit, mixed together, and then slow-dried with love. We hope you enjoyed learning more about us and as always, please reach out if you have any questions!

Have a great day out there!
~the team at Peaceful Fruits.  

Keila Hamed