Peaceful Fruits

Frequently Asked Questions


What is this Purplish-Black Rectangle in a Bag? 
It is a dried fruit strip made from the açaí berry. It is produced by blending açaí and other whole, organic fruits together. The fruits are slow dried at low-temperatures resulting in a naturally sweet, softly chewy snack. Since acai is purple and we refuse to add artificial coloring, so is our snack!

What is Fruit Leather?
Fruit leather is a way to preserve fruit naturally. You blend the fruit and then dry it at low temperature until it is chewy. You may also know fruit leather as fruit jerky, fruit strips, fruit snacks, or fruit roll-ups – but too many of those have wandered pretty far from the original. Peaceful Fruits embraces this age-old way to make energy-dense, nutrition-rich snacks out of preserved fruit without adding anything artificial at all. 

Fruit Leather aka snacks, jerky, rollups, strips

Fruit Leather aka snacks, jerky, rollups, strips

What is Açaí and Why is it So Purple?
Açaí is a fruit that grows in the Amazon Rainforest. Known as “podosiri” by the locals in Suriname, açaí looks very similar to a blueberry, but grows in bunches at the top of palm trees.

Since the açaí berry is a naturally on of the best sources of antioxidants, it is considered superfood. Antioxidants are found most frequently in fruits and vegetables with bright colors, and this is also true for the acai berry. The deep, rich purple of the berry creates our rich, dark fruit leather!

Is Açaí Really a Superfood and What Does Superfood Mean?
Although there is no medical definition of a superfood, superfoods (and superfruits) are nutrient-rich foods that are considered especially beneficial for health and well-being. Antioxidants, which are what made açaí so famous, have been linked to reducing the impact of aging and even preventing cancer. We wholeheartedly believe in the saying “Let food be thy medicine,” but the fact remains that “superfood” is not a medical term. So enjoy the many healthy superfoods, like acai, but don’t let yourself get caught up in the hype.  

On-site with a farmer in the Amazon

On-site with a farmer in the Amazon

What Makes this a 'Wild' Fruit Snack?

Our açaí is harvested wild in the Amazon Rainforest, in partnership with a co-op of local communities. It grows naturally on the trees on their lands – it’s not farmed or touched at all until harvest. That means it is natural, organic, and non-GMO as earthly possible!

Beyond the extra flavor and nutrition, we use wild açaí because it creates eco-friendly economic opportunity for the local people to generate an income while helping them to preserve their way of life and protect the rainforest.


Super fruit snacks, recyclable bags

Super fruit snacks, recyclable bags

What Makes Peaceful Fruits a “Social Good” Company?
Peaceful Fruits is a for-profit business on a mission of economic empowerment. We started Peaceful Fruits because we want to empower people in our community to build better lives – from the Amazon where we source our açaí, to Akron, Ohio where we make our snacks.

We believe that the best way to empower people to do good, is to help them do well at the same time. That’s why we are for profit and committed to helping everyone get fair value for their labor – in the Amazon and our workers with disabilities here in Akron – and for the money when you buy our healthy, honest snacks!

What Is a Food-Startup? 
You’ll typically hear the term ‘startup’ in reference to a technology company started by a young dreamer who ventured to Silicon Valley with an idea and a computer. But really, a startup is any company working to solve a problem in a new, big way.

What makes Peaceful Fruits different from other startups is its social-good mission that has a broad and lasting impact. Peaceful Fruits' goal is to make money for the producer (the indigenous people of the Amazon), while also benefiting the consumer (you).  Peaceful Fruits invests in both of its communities: the Amazon Rainforest and northeastern Ohio.  And we want to grow so we can continue to do more of that! Peaceful Fruits and its mission to help others as a business can be defined with multiple labels: social entrepreneurship (read more about this one on our blog), a social-good company, and also food startup. 

What Else Should I Know?
Made from only fruit, Peaceful Fruit snacks are naturally vegan, vegetarian, fruitarian, paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free. They are produced in a mixed facility, but our fruit leather is produced only on dedicated equipment in a separated area from the rest of production, free from common allergens. There is no sugar added and there are no artificial ingredients. We hope to be certified Kosher in the near future.

Proudly made in Akron, Ohio.