Peaceful Fruits


Meet the Team



Evan loves Peaceful Fruits because he gets the warm and fuzzies when he eats them. At Peaceful Fruits, Evan is the CEO and he generally thinks that stands for Chief EVERYTHING Officer, because we are a small, lean startup! When he's not working, Evan is working because see previous and he wants more people to get the opportunity to have the warm fuzzies too!


Margo contributes her passions for writing, social-good, and most importantly, sweet fruit snacks to Peaceful Fruits as she works towards her Masters in Public Health at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH.  Using the knowledge she’s gained through her studies about the importance of environmental sustainability and individual and community health, Margo helps spread the message about Peaceful Fruits on its social media accounts, writes blog posts for the website, and engages with the online community.  Margo can’t get enough of the pineapple infused acai flavor and if left alone, could eat more than should be mentioned here.  

Margo, Marketing

Keila Hamed-Ramos, Sales

Healthy snack sales

Keila is a food nerd who loves learning. She also loves trying new things like free samples, which is how she met Evan and Peaceful Fruits! She can be found on the other end of phone calls, writing blogs, and working around Peaceful Fruits in all sorts of helpful ways! She believes in healthy, happy, sustainable food and is proud to be on team Peaceful Fruits.

The Production Team


The most important people at Peaceful Fruits are the ones making the snacks, packaging them, and shipping the orders. These folks face a variety of developmental and other disabilities, but they don't let anything stop them when it comes to being pure all-star material. Employed by Peaceful Fruits through our partnership with Hattie Larlham and the Blick Center, we benefit from their skills, their positive attitude, and the motivation they bring to work - for themselves and all of us.  And special thanks to the job coaches and therapists behind the scenes that make it all possible.

 Want to join the team?  We are always looking for the next all-star, from part time to partner. Drop us a line!